Welcome to International Idiocy. All of us here hope that you can count on us into the future as your source for a laugh when you need one. We'll be posting stories on here about the stupid things we've done, we'll (hopefully) get some great videos made that show us being retarded as usual, and we'll try and update our blogs so you can read what's going on with the site and how you can take part in it.

Latest Story: Xie goes to Target.

Of course, you can always read the other stories here, check out our extras, or chill at our forums.

First we got Prince Escalus to join, now Paris has signed up and he's joined the International Idiocy staff. Please make sure they both feel welcome. We've made a discussion thread for Paris too, so post away.

Ladies and gentlemen, the flood gates will soon be opened and hopefully we'll have a bunch of new content coming in from everyone. Mercutio is working on some more international content. He's writing a story about Poland while Romeo, Paris and Prince Escalus are all working on some projects of their own right now. Everybody is also still busy working on the asian sensation's brand new site, our preview is up and running, click here to view it.

We're also happy to announce that we have a made a Major Players page so that all of you can look right away and see who was involved in our moments of idiocy.